4th Gen iPod Photo (Refurbished)


Model: 4th Gen – A1099 (EMC 2022)
Details: 100% Original Apple iPod
Condition: iPod (Used), Battery (New)
Warranty: 1 year (12 months)


This is an authentic 4th generation Apple iPod Photo in USED condition. This iPod is complete with all original Apple parts (except new battery), and exhibits scratches, dents, and wear that you’d expect from a USED iPod, but we guarantee NO personalized engravings.

Order this iPod if you are looking for one of the most innovative models ever released by Apple. This is a vintage relic straight from 2005, in 100% working condition! This iPod has been fully tested for functionality and is guaranteed to operate like new!

Choose from our 100% factory original HDD hard drives or enhance your custom iPod with one of our SD upgrades! We use only top rated SD cards and each SD utilizes a premium Tarkan iFlash adapter.

Benefits of our SD upgrades include:

Better battery life – SD consumes much less power than HDD giving you longer battery life
Durability – SD has no moving parts making it much more resistant to damage
Faster – SD uses memory chips instead of moving disks, so expect a speed boost
Larger storage – Store more data with up to 512GB of capacity compared to 80GB with HDD
Light-weight – Up to 40% lighter than factory original HDD hard drives
Quieter – No platters, arms, or other moving parts means no more loud hard drive noise
Reliability – SD is non-mechanical, so it’s not subject to drive failures

We guarantee…

✓ This iPod is ‘used’ with scratches, dents, and wear
✓ This iPod contains a new battery
✓ This iPod is built with 100% original Apple parts
✓ This iPod features NO personalized engravings
✓ This iPod is 100% functional

We refurbish all iPod Photos:

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✓ Sale is for iPod only
✓ The iPod Photo works best with FireWire 400 cable for charging and syncing
✓ Ask us about our trade-in program (We will apply the value of your old iPod to this purchase)

Hard Drive

20GB (HDD), 30GB (HDD), 40GB (HDD), 60GB (HDD), 64GB (SD), 128GB (SD), 256GB (SD)

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