iPod Mini Battery Replacement Service


Service: Battery Replacement Service
Model: 1st/2nd Gen iPod Mini (A1051)
Details: 650mAh high capacity
Includes: Part + Installation
Warranty: 1 year (12 months)

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This is a professional battery replacement service for the 1st and 2nd generation Apple iPod Mini. Order this service and let us handle the repair. We will replace your old battery with one of our brand new replacements. Our batteries are top quality and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

This repair service fixes all battery-related issues, including: short battery life, low battery power, battery doesn’t hold charge, battery drains quickly, etc.

Our service covers any versions of this iPod, including:

1st Gen iPod Mini – Silver (M9160LL/A)
1st Gen iPod Mini – Green (M9434LL/A)
1st Gen iPod Mini – Pink (M9435LL/A)
1st Gen iPod Mini – Blue (M9436LL/A)
1st Gen iPod Mini – Gold (M9437LL/A)
2nd Gen iPod Mini 4GB – Silver (M9800LL/A)
2nd Gen iPod Mini 4GB – Blue (M9802LL/A)
2nd Gen iPod Mini 4GB – Pink (M9804LL/A)
2nd Gen iPod Mini 4GB – Green (M9806LL/A)
2nd Gen iPod Mini 6GB – Silver (M9801LL/A)
2nd Gen iPod Mini 6GB – Blue (M9803LL/A)
2nd Gen iPod Mini 6GB – Pink (M9805LL/A)
2nd Gen iPod Mini 6GB – Green (M9807LL/A)

Apple Part Number:

EC003, EC007

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