iPod 4th Gen Headphone Jack Cable


Item: Headphone Jack Cable
Model: 4th Gen iPod (A1059)
Part #: 632-0260-A
Includes: Part + Pry Tool
Condition: Used (OEM)
Warranty: 1 year (12 months)

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Useful for the repair of a damaged 4th Gen iPod headphone jack cable.


✓ Headphone jack flex cable
✓ Free plastic pry opening tool

Part Number:

# 632-0260-A

Condition & Quality:

Used, original Apple OEM replacement part


1 year (12 months)


Device: Apple iPod (A1059 – EMC 1995)
Generation: 4th Gen
Capacities: 20GB, 40GB
Version: M9268LL/A, M9282LL/A, M9787LL/A

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