iPod Headphone Jack Replacement

Kit includes:

100% Authentic Apple Parts
Free Pry Opening Tool
1 Year Warranty

Do you suspect that your headphone jack is broken? Common signs of a faulty headphone jack include:

✓ You can hear no audio from the device at all
✓ The device produces audio but is very distorted or with static
✓ Sound only comes out of one side (or channel)
✓ The sound cuts in and out
✓ The hold switch which is integrated to the headphone jack isn’t working

These are only a few of the common symptoms of a broken headphone jack, but before assuming that the device requires repair, first attempt a few quick steps just to make sure.

✓ Try a different set of earbuds or headphones
✓ Clean out any dirt, lint, or debris possibly lodged inside the port
✓ Check your AirPlay and/or Bluetooth Output settings

If these steps did not improve the problem, it’s quite possible that the headphone jack will need to be replaced. 

Service includes:

100% Authentic Apple Parts
Professional Installation
1 Year Warranty

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