iPod Headphone Jack Replacement Service

Do you suspect that your headphone jack is broken? Common signs of a faulty headphone jack include:

  1. You can hear no audio from the device at all
  2. The device produces audio but is very distorted or with static
  3. Sound only comes out of one side (or channel)
  4. The sound cuts in and out
  5. The hold switch which is integrated to the headphone jack isn’t working


These are only a few of the common symptoms of a broken headphone jack, but before assuming that the device requires repair, first attempt a few quick steps just to make sure.

    1. Try a different set of earbuds of headphones
    2. Clean out any dirt, lint, or debris possibly lodged inside the port
    3. Check your AirPlay and/or Bluetooth Output settings


If these steps did not improve the problem, it’s quite possible that the headphone jack will need to be replaced. 

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