iPod Click Wheel Replacement

Kit includes:

100% Authentic Apple Parts
Free Pry Opening Tool
1 Year Warranty

The iPod’s click wheel consists of a front bezel, center button, and flex cable. The click wheel controls the system’s navigational capabilities, allowing its user to scroll through the iPod’s library of songs, photos, and videos, while having the ability to make selections with a simple “click” of the center button. Adjusting the system settings such as volume and backlight brightness is also possible thanks to the click wheel.

In addition to the scroll feature, the iPod’s click wheel has 5 basic commands, which include: the Menu button, Restart (or Rewind), Skip (or Fast Forward), Play (or Pause), and Click (or Select).

If your iPod click wheel begins to behave erratically, or stops working altogether, it might be time for a replacement.

Common reasons for replacement of the click wheel include:

✓ The iPod no longer scrolls
✓ The buttons do no respond
✓ The center click button is unresponsive or hard to press
✓ The click wheel becomes scratched, worn or otherwise unsightly

First, be sure to check the iPod’s hold switch if experiencing no response from the click wheel. This component is located on the top left side of the iPod, and it will prevent all commands if the lock is toggled on. Similar issues can also be attributed to water damage, which is well known to affect the circuitry responsible for click wheel functionality, so a closer examination is sometimes required to determine the extent of the damage.

Service includes:

100% Authentic Apple Parts
Professional Installation
1 Year Warranty

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