Why Choose Us

High Quality

Quality is an important factor when choosing replacement parts. Low quality parts break more frequently and sooner than our original OEM parts, which is why installation of authentic parts will greatly reduce your risk of future problems. Much of our catalog is extracted from working original iPods and we stand behind each and every part and service that we offer. Enjoy peace of mind from knowing that you’ve installed the highest quality parts while also at the same time minimizing the potential for future issues.

Low Prices

Our low prices are undeniable and our customers have grown to expect affordability when ordering from iRepair. We buy working original iPods in massive volume and scavenge most of them for parts, allowing us to pass huge savings on to you. Shop around and we are sure that you will return to us. Buy from us and get the lowest price on authentic parts and professional repairs – guaranteed!

Huge Selection

iRepair features a vast assortment of iPod parts and services, so you can easily see why we are the ultimate source for all of your iPod repair needs. We carry parts for nearly every iPod, including very rare and hard to find models. Our catalog is extensive and covers most anything required for the repair of your broken iPod. You name it, we can fix it, or provide you with the part to replace it yourself!